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Napa Limo and Chauffeur Service

Located in Clayton, serving Napa, Walnut Creek and Discovery Bay areas


Company Rules and Regulations

1. No Smoking! No Vaping! It is the renters responsibility to enforce the No Smoking Rule.

2. The Renter will be held responsible for all damages to the vehicle and or its contents due to negligence, intentional misconduct, malicious mischief or any wrongful act. No flighting, wrestling or playful fighting in or around the vehicle. In the event, ride will terminated, renter will be charged in full. Please no shoes on seats or bar. Please respect our vehicle.

3. There is a $200 cleaning fee charge if and when the vehicle is left in a unfashionable manner. Please no glitter or feathers. There will be a $1,000 cleaning fee, charged to the renter for vomit in or on the vehicle, Plus the renter will be charged the full amount of cost if the vehicle is scheduled for the following day(s), while the is out of service. The chauffeur will pull over when safe if asked to. Ride will be terminated. Renter will pay the full amount.

4. It is imperative for the safety of the passenger(s) that no one shall stand or hang out of windows will vehicle is in motion. Do not touch emergency exits, unless emergency. Fire extinguishers are placed in the passenger and driver compartments. It is not allowed to discharge extinguishers for fun, only during a fire. Seatbelts are provide in every vehicle.

5. The law prohibits minors, under the age of 21, the use of alcoholic beverages in or around the vehicle. Sections 5384.1 and 5348.5 of PUC state code. The Chauffeur may ask for proper identification. if rule is broken, customers will be returned to pick up address. The parents will be called and ride terminated, balance paid in full.

6. FLS is not responsible for articled left, damaged or stolen in or from vehicle.

7. The company, its owner, or employees will not not be held responsible or liable for any vehicles accidents, injuries, breakdowns, traffic or any unforeseen occurrences prior to or during any event that cause delay or cancelation.

8. The company must be notified in advance the number of passenger and stops. Vehicles can not be loaded beyond seating capacity.

9. All reservations are require with a Non Refundable deposit. Balance paid in full after ride is competed. Overtime charged in 15 minutes Increments. Deposit for airport ride not required. FLS has the right to change vehicles requested by customer. FLS will always be fair and take care of customer.

10. If and when the Rules are not follow it is the discretion of the chauffeur and or owner to terminate the ride. The renter will be charge the full agreed amount plus any extra fees.

11. Customer must unbid to all Rules and Regulations and agree to terms.

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